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MONDAY, 8 MAY 2017

08:00 Registration opens

08:30 - 08:50 Opening Ceremony

Chair: S. Grivet-Talocia

08:50 - 09:40 Keynote

Chair: S. Grivet-Talocia

Signal Integrity Challenges in a "Data Everywhere" World (abstract) (slides)

Howard Heck

Intel Corporation

09:40 - 10:40 SESSION 1: Noise Analysis & Reduction Techniques

Chair: J. Shutt-Ainé

09:40 - 10:00

A Multilayer Removable EBG Based Common Mode Filter for High Speed Buses

C. Olivieri (1), F. de Paulis (1), A.Orlandi (1), S. Connor (2), P. Dixon (3), and M. Korrami (3)

(1) University of L'Aquila, Italy, (2) IBM, USA, (3) LAIRD Technologies, USA

10:00 - 10:20

Efficient Design of Continuous Time Linear Equalization for Loss Dominated Digital Links (student paper)

T. Reuschel, J.B. Preibisch, and C. Schuster

Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Germany

10:20 - 10:40

A Perturbative Approach to Predict Eye Diagram Degradation in Differential Interconnects Subject to Asymmetry and Nonuniformity

P. Manfredi (1), X. Wu (2), F. Grassi (2), D. Vande Ginste (1), and S. A. Pignari (2)

(1) Ghent University, Belgium, (2) Politecnico di Milano, Italy

10:40 - 11:10 Coffee break

10:40 Exhibition opens

11:10 - 12:30 SESSION 2: Stochastic Analysis & Uncertainty Quantification

Chair: Z. Zhang

11:10 - 11:30

Speeding Up Rare Event Simulations Using Kriging Models (student paper)

A. K. Tyagi (1), X. Jonssony (2), T. G. J. Beelen (1), and W. H. A. Schilders (1)

(1) University of Technology, Eindhoven, NL, (2) Mentor Graphics, Grenoble, FR

11:30 - 11:50

Time-Domain Variability Analysis of General Linear Systems Terminated with Nonlinear Devices (slides)

Y. Ye, D. Spina, P. Manfredi, D. Vande Ginste, and T. Dhaene

Ghent University, Belgium

11:50 - 12:10

Time-Domain Variability Analysis of Large Circuits with Stochastic Linear Terminations

Y. Tao (1), K. Guo (1), F. Ferranti (2), B. Nouri (1), M. Nakhla (1), and R. Achar (1)

(1) Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, (2) IMT Atlantique, CNRS Lab-STICC, Brest, France

12:10 - 12:30

Monte Carlo Estimation of Sparse Grid Interpolation Residual for Stochastic Collocation of High-Order Systems with Uncertainties (student paper) (slides)

X. Chen, X. Ma, A. Rong, J.E. Schutt-Ainé, and A.C. Cangellaris

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 - 15:00 SESSION 3: Electromagnetic Modeling

Chair: D. Vande Ginste

14:00 - 14:20

Accurate Characterization of Coaxial Transmission Line via Higher Order Moment Method Solution of Novel Single-Source Surface Integral Equation

F.S.H. Lori (1), M.S. Hosen (1), M. Shafieipoury (2), A. Menshovz (3), and V. Okhmatovski (1)

(1) University of Manitoba, Canada, (2) Manitoba HVDC Research Centre, Canada, (3) The University of Texas at Austin, USA

14:20 - 14:40

A Magneto-Quasi-Static Surface Formulation to Calculate the Impedance of 3D Interconnects with Arbitrary Cross-section (student paper) (slides)

U.R. Patel, S.V. Hum, and P. Triverio

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

14:40 - 15:00

Parameter Optimization for Rise Time of Subnanosecond Pulser Based on Avalanche Transistors (slides)

M.-X. Gao, Y.-Z. Xie, Y.-H. Hu

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

15:00 - 17:30 POSTER SESSION (includes coffee break)

Chair: I. S. Stievano and P. Manfredi

P04: Simultaneous Switching Noise Modelling and Characterization in Production Environments

J. Yan, Y. Tretiakov, and H. Lan

Rambus Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA

P10: Crosstalk and Field Analysis of Arc shape Coaxial Via for High Speed Digital Signals

S. Theepak, Nandakumar C M, B. Devadas, R. Selva Priya, and Gauraw Srivastava

Centre for Development of Telematics, Bangalore, India

P12: Design of High Speed Physical Layer Interconnects through System Modeling, Simulation and Correlation

A. Anil Kumar

Segate Technology HDD, India

P19: Crosstalk Simulation of Multiple Insulated Twisted Pairs based on Transmission Line Theory

F. Distler, G. Gold, K. Thurn, J. Schür, M. Vossiek

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany

P20: A Comparison of Typical Surface Finishes on the High Frequency Performances of Transmission Lines in PCBs

B. Curran, I. Ndip, K.-D. Lang

Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Microintegration, Germany

P28: FFT-Based Macromodeling of Power Delivery Network with Uncertainties Using Latency Insertion Method (student paper)

R.F. Kummerer, X. Chen, J.E. Schutt-Ainé, and A.C. Cangellaris

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

P34: Analysis of Pin-To-Capacitor Spacing in Power Delivery Networks Designed as Parallel-Plate Power-Ground Pairs

I. Erdin (1), and R. Achar (2)

(1) Engineering Design Services Celestica Inc., Canada, (2) Carleton University, Canada

P35: Uncertainty Analysis of Arbitrary Probability Distribution Based on Stieltjes Process

G. Zhang, J. Bai, L. Wang, and X. Peng

Harbin Institute of Technology, China

P39: Impact of Flexible PCB on DDR4 Channel Memory Performance

K. Krohne (1), H. Fahmy (2), H. Oie (2), F. Elsisy (2), and D. Di Febo (3)

(1) CST AG, (2) Intelligent Solutions BVBA, Belgium (3) CST Italy

P50: The Estimation of EMI-induced Phase Noise and Jitter on Oscillator/Clock Signals

M. Mehri, S. Heidari, and N. Masoumi

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

P51: Minimizing Core Supply Noise in a Power Delivery Network by Optimization of Decoupling Capacitors using Simulated Annealing

J.N. Tripathi (1), P. Damle (2), R. Malik (1)

(1) STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd., India, (2) Texas Instruments, India

P53: Feasibility of Single Wire Communication for PCB-level Interconnects

S. Kotethota (1), G. Hada (2), P. Ramaswamy (2), and Dipanjan Gope (1)

(1) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, (2) Intel Corporation, Bangalore, India

P54: Statistical Prediction of Planar Power Consumption Distribution in Digital System Layout/PCB

S. Heidari, M. Mehri, and N. Masoumi

University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

P55: Simple Approach for brief RF Characterization of thin 3D printable Dielectrics

M. Sippel, K. Lomakin, G. Gold, T. Reitberger, S. Neermann, K. Helmreich

Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

P58: Electrical Performance of Carbon-Based Power Distribution Networks with Thermal Effects

A. Magnani (1), M. de Magistris (1), S. Heidari (2), A. Todri-Sanial (3), and A. Maffucci (4)

(1) University Federico II, Naples, Italy, (2) University of Tehran, Iran, (3) University of Montpellier, France, (4) University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

P61: Causal Transmission Line Model Incorporating Frequency-Dependent Linear Resistors (student paper)

A. Takeshige, Y. Ito, K. Takano, K. Katayama, T. Yoshida, M. Fujishima, and S. Amakawa

Hiroshima University, Japan

P70: Fusion of First-Principles and Statistical Analyses in Complex Electronics Systems

S. Lin (1), Z. Peng (1), and T. Antonsen (2)

(1) University of New Mexico, USA, (2) University of Maryland, USA

P71: Air-Filled Substrate Integrated Waveguide: a Low Cost Self-Packadged Technological Platform For High Performance Millimeter-Wave Circuits

A. Ghiotto

Univ. Bordeaux, France

17:30 Exhibition closes

18:30 Free dinner